Listing your house with a licensed Real Estate professional is the first step in the home selling process. The relationship between you and your agent is key to the successful sale of your home.

Choose a Listing Agent

Because your needs and your home are unique your agent will listen, address your concerns and design a specific customized plan, A listing agent represents you and has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for your best interests. Your agent should be prepared to assist you from beginning to end. Your agent should perform a walk-through with you and suggest specific improvements to improve your home’s value and appeal.

Determine what your home is worth

You want to market your home at a price that is not too low or high based on the Comparative Market Analysis report. Keep your price in line with sold homes that have been identified in the report. Consider whether your market is hot, cold, or neutral and price according to the market temperature.

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Prepare your home for sale by cleaning and de-cluttering. This will help potential buyers envision themselves living there. You might want to consider staging your home for showings or ask your real estate agent for help with this. You can often use your own furniture.

Make any necessary repairs. If you're selling a home where pets live, you might want to make temporary, alternate plans for them during showings.

Remember, you only get one chance—and sometimes only 3 seconds or so—to make a great first impression so make it count.

Customized Marketing Plan

Successfully marketing real estate has certainly changed over the past few years and continues to evolve. Your real estate agent needs to make sure your home is visible to potential buyers in multiple formats. Beyond the traditional MLS and Realtor open houses and other local and national websites, social media allows you to connect with potential buyers more than ever. Your agent needs to develop a marketing plan that will stand out from others and gets your home sold.

Show Your Home

While preparing your home for showing you want potential buyers to picture themselves living there. You and your agent should develop a plan of what should be done in order to get your home show-ready. During showings it is best for you to leave the home. This will allow potential buyers to talk openly about the property and how it would best fit them. This will also allow the agent to receive open feedback about the property.

Purchase Offers and Negotiation

Once you have received an offer it is your agent’s job to help you negotiate. This is a critical step in the home selling process. Your agent will work with you to identify a price that both you and the buyer agree on. This process may require multiple counteroffers.

Open Escrow and Order Title

Your agent will open escrow and order a title policy for you, give you the contact information for the closing agent and select a date to close based on when the buyer's loan will fund.

Buyer or Finance Company will Schedule an Appraiser Appointment

You’re typically not entitled to receive a copy of the appraisal because you didn't pay for it. If the buyer decides to cancel the contract based on an appraisal, ask your agent or lawyer about your rights.

Buyer will Schedule a Home Inspection

Now get ready for the home inspector. Prepare the attic and basement for inspection, too. Move stuff away from the walls in the garage. A typical list of items for inspection can be provided by your agent. Items include but are not limited to: home structure and condition, and operation and condition of all mechanical systems.

Negotiate Requests for Repair

In Florida the buyer has the right to cancel for any reason as a result of the Home Inspection. You don't ordinarily have to accept a buyer's request to make repairs, but they can cancel the contract if you don't. You're entitled to a copy of the home inspection report if the buyer requests repairs.

Ask the Buyer to Release Contingencies

The buyer isn't obligated to provide a contingency release if you don't demand it. In some states, you might have a right to cancel the contract if the buyer will not provide a release.

The Closing

This is the final step when the money and property title are transferred. The closing in Florida typically takes place at the Title Company. The total process is completed within a couple of hours and your agent should be available to help prepare you and insure you have all the required documents.

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